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     With changing trends in the property market, real estate has become a hot topic of discussion. Real estate information and trends it is also a great resource for those trying to upgrade and sell their homes.Everyone can buy or sell the house in real estate investing. Many people have own several homes and rent them out. You can also invest in housing without buying a home. You can buy stocks of homebuilders. Their stock prices rise and fall with the housing market. Another way is Real Estate Investment Trusts called as REIT. These are investments in commercial real estate.

There are four simple tips you can use to find better deals on your own real estate, you are looking for an investment, a property for your business or a home.

1. Consider buying a bank-foreclosed property :-

When someone fails to pay mortgage payment for an extended period of time, the lender will ultimately remove the occupants. The lender create lists of house for sale on the market. While the foreclosure is itself, is of course sad, once the deed has been done.

2. Be the first or the last :-

If you are looking for a great deal, Get a pre-approval from a bank and your real estate agent set you up with automatic email alerts notifying you about any new property that hits the market.

3. Approach absentee owners privately :-

The best kind of people to target is absentee owners, which means someone who owns a property but does not live there. They might be landlords or owners who inherited their houses and unsure what to do with them.

4. Look at a lot of details :-

I look at deals in terms of a funnel. At its top numerous leads come in, but at the bottom only few come out. If I want more deals at the bottom, I need to improve each aspect of my funnel, including the quality and no of leads at top.

If you are buying residential property where people live long-term, here some other factors also consider:

Amenities and Shopping:-   Are there is restaurants store nearby and there grocery stores nearby?

Schools:-   Buying a property where the schools aren’t good limits your pool of renters.

Crime:-   A nice house in a bad neighborhood may be hard to rent.

Public Transportation:-   Properties with dedicated spaces are great.
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Important documents to check before buying a New Property :-

1. Sale deed  
2. Occupancy certificate
3. Mother deed  
4. Completion certificate  
5. Building approval plan  
6. Latest tax paid receipt  
7. Commencement certificate  
8. Conversion certificate  
9. Khata extract
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Some important Real Estate Terms Buyer should know in India :-

Carpet Area :- Carpet area is the actual area of an apartment, showroom and office unit etc. This area does not include thickness of the inner walls.

Super built-up Area :-  Super built-up area is proportionate area of common areas such as stairs, lobby etc.

Per square foot rate :-   Developers decide the value of the property depends on per square foot rate of the super built-up area.

Built-up Area :-   It include carpet area, wall thickness and balcony area until the inside walls.

10 points when you can buying your 1st rental property :-

1. Pay down dept first.  
2. Get the down payment.
3. Beware the high interest rate.  
4. Calculate your margins  
5. Avoid a fixer-upper  
6. Calculate operating expenses  
7. Determine your return  
8. Get a low cost home  
9. Find the right location
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