Sale Deed

Important Things to include in sale deed:                                                     

1. It includes the details of the property which called it as property schedule. Property schedule is a location, address, Description.

2.Details of the seller and buyers like Name, Age, Occupation, Pan Card No, Adhaar No, Mobile Number and address.

3.Payment details sale price, Advance, Date and Mode of payment.

4.About to handover the all original property documents.

5.About to possession of the property.

6.sellers declares that the said property does not have any encumbrances and Liens.

7.Indemnity provision for the property if there is any damage.

Execution process of sale deed.

1. Draft the sale deed by a legal expert.

2. Pay stamp duty and registration on higher in between consideration or property market value.

3. Sign, thumb and photographs of seller and buyer.

4. Witnesses with there Name, sign and address.

5. Original property documents provided by the seller.

6. Power of attorney in case any one of the buyer or seller can not present for the execution.

7. Generally stamp duty and registration charges will be born by the buyer.


Step By Step Process To Do Sale Deed Drafting and Registration

Required Documents:

ID Proof

Address Proof


Note : Here is the List of Registration Offices In Pune

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