Process to apply for succession certificate


A Succession Certificate is a certificate given to the successor of a deceased person who has not prepared legal will.

A succession certificate is given by a civil court to the lawful beneficiaries of a deceased person. A succession certificate can be granted by the court to realise the debts and securities of the deceased. It establishes the authenticity of the heirs and gives them the authority to have securities and other assets transferred in their names as well as inherit debts.

Normally it should take around 3-4 months from date of filing to get your certificate.
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Process to apply for succession certificate

Step 1: If you are the applicant, at that point you need to set up an appeal.

Step 2: You need to verify it and submit it to the region judge in the suitable locale in the wake of paying the proper court expenses.

Step 3: The area judge will go through the request and will examine the application.

Step 4: After that, the judge will fix a day for the meeting and also send notice of the meeting to whomsoever fits it.

Step 5: After hearing all the concerned gatherings, the judge will choose whether he/she should give the authentication to the applicant.

Step 6: Meanwhile the region judge may likewise require the applicant to furnish a bond with at least one sureties or security.
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The appeal should contain the following details:

●Time of death of the deceased;

●Residence or details of properties of the deceased at the time of death within which Judge the jurisdiction falls under;

●Details of family or other near relatives;

●The rights of the petitioner;

●Absence of any impediment to the grant of certificate;

●A copy of the death certificate

●The debts and securities in respect of which the certificate is applied for.

Documents required for applying Succession Certificate

●Death certificate

●Pan Card of all the legal heirs.

●Ration card

●Address Proof of all the legal heirs.

●NOC or No Objection Certificate (from legal heirs other than the petitioner)

●Prescribed application form by affixing a court fee stamp.
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