According to Indian Heritage Act 1914, Penal Code (2) will is defined as follow.

Self -desire gets to declare  to How to distribute the property among the heritor after death in written format  means will deed.

Keep in mind at the time of writing the will.                                                    

1.Language and wording of will: It must be very neat and clean so that they don’t make any doubt about the motive.

2.Neat and Complete Description of property.

3.Wealth List: First of all make a list of all movable and immovable property. Life insurance and all insurance policies, Company shares, gold, Mutual fund, Property etc.

4.List of Inheritor.

5.determine property/wealth distribution: which movable/immovable property given to whom by which motive means. For determine consider the future, Eligibility of person and later dispute.

6. As per need appoint loyal executor: No need to appoint but if there is a situation of a dispute then appoint one loyal person to solve the dispute. This kind of situation arises when property/wealth is more.

7.Management of tax of inheritor: According to property distribution the property tax should be paid by who has the right of that property so consider this also for this take help of Master of an estate planner and certified financier planner.

8.Sign: sign all pages if there are more pages it is most important.

9.Witness: witness should be a wise, competent, Known person. And consider that witness because of will witness must not have any advantage.

10.Registration: it's not mandatory to register/notaries the will but to avoid the dispute and confusion its always better to register the will. The main advantage is if any reason will get lost then also certified copy will be available with sub-registrar.

Will must have fitness medical Certificate.  

it's very important to take fitness medical certificate to show that at the time of writing the will testator is mentally and physically stable.


Step By Step Process To Do Will Deed Drafting and Registration

Required Documents:

ID Proof

Address Proof


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