Difference Between Bhogwata 1 & Bhogwata 2 on 7/12 extract

Difference Between Bhogwata 1 & Bhogwata 2 on 7/12 extract

Bhogwata 1: -

              Land to which the account holder has not been given the right to sell. E.g. Devasthan Imani Land, Hyderabad Atiyat Land, Vatan Land, Forest Land, Guiran, Rehabilitation Land and Land granted by the Government. For the sale of such land, prior permission of the Government is required.

Bhogwata 2: -

              The account holder who has long been the owner of the land has been given the full right to sell the land. Such lands are included in Class I of the account holder.There is no need for any government pre-emption to sell / transfer these lands.In a nutshell, the land owned by the original proprietor is in Class I occupation.
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When acquiring land, the following things should be strictly followed: -

1. Look at the slope of the ground and see what is in it in the landscaping system. If it has a share of the occupier class 2 or no, the land should be purchased only with the prior permission of the Government.

2. The land belongs to class 2. But let's see what kind it is in. E.g. Ceiling land, project land, army land, tribal land, clan land etc. To see this see the other copyright ownership names on 7/12.

3. If the land belonging to class-2 from 7/12 but does not know what kind it is, then from the Talathi office, Tahsil office should check the category of this land.

4. Devasthan Revenue Excused Land, Forest Land, Guiran Land are not traded. Do not deal with such land.

5. All holdings of the account holder we are about to take must be obtained without permission or permission or other registered gloves.
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6. It is always better to buy land in such a way that the account holder of the occupier class 2 will not become landless.

7. The laws regarding the purchase of land belonging to the occupier class II and the purchase of the land of the tribal account holder are different. To get tribal account holder's land, approval is required from the State.

8. Do not try to acquire any land without the prior permission of the Government, as the land of the tribal accountant gets the land.

Conversion of occupant class 2 to class 1: -

              Any occupier holding a new and integral condition / occupier class 2 on the date of commencement, or 50 percent of the current market value of such land, can be converted into one of the beneficiary classes by making the government as principal. Provisions shall hold such land as occupier class 1.
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