Rent Agreement

A Rental Agreement is an agreement between the owner of a property and a renter who wish to have temporary possession of the property. This agreement contains the identification of parties, the property and the amount of rent. The owner of the property may be referred to as the owner and the renter as the tenant.

Types of Rent Agreement:

1)Online Rent Agreement: In Online Rent Agreement, the required information is provided and photographs are uploaded with valid address proof and identity proof.. (depending upon the stamp duty charges and Registration  charges)and it takes around  two to three working  days


2)NotarisedRent Agreement: Notarized Rent Agreement can be made by purchasing stamp paper and filling contents of the agreement. This agreement  is validated once it is signed by both the parties owner as well as tenant .it take approximate  2 to 3 hours if the stamp is available.


It is important to remember the following.

1) A person may give his residence space to anyone on rent for a specific time period on a live license basis.

2)After completion of a specific time period, the owner of the premises can occupy their place With the help of the competent authorities.

3)In exchange for using this space, he can take a fixed amount every month.

4)The owner can also take a deposit from the person.

5)On a Leave License basis, a tenant does not get the protection of Mumbai Rent Control Act but the owner can get the benefit.

6)After the expiry of the term, the owner of the space can force the tenant to leave the space with the help of competent authorities.


A rent agreement must mention the following clauses clearly:

Duration of the tenancy
Security deposit and monthly rental to be paid
Penalty for late payment
Usage charges like electricity, water, cooking gas, telephone, internet and cleaning charges to be borne by the tenant as usual
Any additional charges like maintenance charges, clubhouse fee, power back-up charges, etc. to be borne by landlord or tenant as applicable
Provision of parking at a designated space
Inventory of materials being provided on the premises. This includes all electrical fittings, fans, geysers, furniture and fixtures
Provisions on the whitewash, maintenance and repairs
Prohibition on making any structural changes in the premises and undertaking any construction resulting in permanent structures
Safety and security norms
General up-keeping and peaceful possession of the premises without causing any disturbances or nuisances
Lock-in period, if any
Provisions regarding keeping pets, especially dogs and cats
Sub-letting, which is generally prohibited by the landlord
The notice period for vacating the premises
Conditions for renewal of the agreement


Step By Step Process To Do Rent Agreement Drafting and Registration

Required Documents:

For Owner:

Proof of ownership of property, in original Like Index-II, Property Tax or Electricity Bill
Aadhar card, Pan Card
Another government ID proof: driving license, voter ID card or passport for Notarized document.
2 passport size photos for Notarized document.


For Tenant:

Government ID proofs mentioning the permanent address. For example, driving license and voter ID card. The PAN card can be used as photo ID proof, but as it does not mention the address, a tenant still requires to submit a copy of the aforementioned documents
Aadhar Card
2 passport size photographs

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