Step by step property registration in Pune


Step 1

Confirmation of the title of the property:

The proprietor of the property needs to create the important archives for check. This progression will contrast somewhat on the off chance that you are buying the land or property from a Real Estate Development Company or it is an optional deal.

Step 2

Estimation of the Property Value:

Calculate the value of your property keeping in mind the circle rate of the area where you have bought your property. Your stamp duty will be calculated on the basis of circle rate.
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Step 3

Preparation of the Stamp Papers:

You should purchase non-legal stamp papers dependent on the estimation of your property and the stamp obligation. You can buy stamp papers online or from an authorized stamp seller.

Step 4

Preparing the Sale Deed:

The Sale deed is normally arranged by a lawyer for the benefit of the purchaser. The accurate subtleties of the deed will shift based on the careful idea of your deal.

Step 5

Payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Charges:

When you have the stamp papers prepared, you should pay your Stamp Duty and the Registration Charges before the enrollment of property.
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Step 6

Approach the Sub-Registrar for registration:

You should visit the sub-Registrar office, alongside two witnesses and register the Sale deed. Ensure that you and your witnesses convey legitimate ID proofs.

Step 7

Documents Submission:

Alongside the sales deed, you might be solicited to submit duplicates of valid ID cards, No Objection Certificate (NOC) and so on. Your sub-registrar would give you list of the required documents.

Step 8

Gather the Registered Documents:

Once all the documents have been verified, then your registration is complete. You can collect the documents from your registrar, who will also maintain a copy of all the documents with himself/herself for future reference.
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