Notarized Affidavits in Dapodi Pune

        The affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath, for use as evidence in court. An affidavit is a type of verified statement, it contains a verification, meaning it is under oath or penalty of deception, and this serves as evidence to its accuracy and is required for court proceedings.

Affidavits may be written in the first or third person, depending on who drafted the document. The document's parts are typical as follows:

commencement which identifies the "affiant of truth"  generally stating that everything in it is true, under penalty of deception, fine, or imprisonment;

an attestation section at the end certifying that the affiant made oath and the date;

signatures of the author and eyewitness.

Common Affidavits Used in India:

  • Name Change Affidavits
         1. General Name Change Affidavit
        2. Change of Name After Marriage Affidavit
        3. Change of Name of Minor Affidavit
        4. The Same Person Affidavit


    Address Proof Affidavit

    Proof of Date of Birth Affidavit

    Income Proof Affidavit

    Joint Affidavit for Registration of Marriage

    Affidavit for No-criminal record

    Affidavit for Claim Settlement in Bank

    Affidavit for Issue of Duplicate Certificates/Documents/Mark lists

    First Child Affidavit

    Affidavit for Educational Loan

    Anti Ragging Affidavit

    Affidavit for a gap in education/employment

    Affidavits – also known as Annexures
    Annexures are to be made strictly according to the formats issued by the Ministry of External Affairs

    LPG Annexures



Fix the Appointment→Visit→Collect Require Documents→Make Draft→Verification→Notaries in front of authority.

Required Documents:

ID Proof

Address Proof


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