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E-filing is nothing but the electronic or online filing of notices of intimation of mortgage of the property as stated in Section 89B of the Registration Act, 1908.

From April 1, 2013E-filing of notice of intimation in case of mortgage by way of deposit of title deed came into effect.

These modifications have been carried out to safeguard the interests of banks and society. Previous, the agreement/intimation relating to mortgage by the way of deposit of title deed was out of the public domain.

Due to this, there was scope for fake practices like availing loans from multiple banks on the same property or disposing of the property which is already mortgaged. Therefore, these modifications have been brought to prevent such frauds.
In case of mortgage by way of deposit of title deed done on April 1, 2013, and after:

If an agreement is signed between the mortgagor and the mortgagee, it has to be compulsory registered. The usual time limit for registration is four months from the date of the sign.

If such an agreement is not signed, then the mortgagor has to file a notice of intimation of such mortgage. This notice should be filed within 30 days from the date of the mortgage.

When an agreement is signed and registered then filing of a notice of intimation is not required.

The non-registration of agreement / non-filing of notice of intimation may defeat the legality of the mortgage and cause injury to the interests of parties involved. Any person who fails to file such notice within the prescribed time limit shall be liable for punishment under section 89C of the Act.

Procedure for the Registration of agreement

The agreement may be registered with the sub-registrar’s office where the mortgaged property is situated. The procedure for the registration is the same as for the other documents.

Step By Step Process To Do Notice Of Intimation Drafting and Registration

Required Documents

All the following documents Original & Photocopy to be signed and stamped by the Banks authority in Original

1)  0.2% of the Loan Amount eSBTR / Stamp Papers / Franked for Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deeds with Bankers Stamp and Sign - Photocopy

2)  Photograph of all the borrowers

3)  Accepted Sanction Letter (photocopy) with Borrwers& Credit Managers Sign

4)  All Borrowers PAN Card - Photocopy

5)  Latest Index - 2 - Photocopy

6)  Notice Of Intimation regarding Mortgage by way of Deposit of Title Deed with
     Rs. 100 Stamp Paper or Franking and 1000 Rs registration fee.300 Rs Handling charges as well.

7)  Self Attested Identity proof of Banks Representative signing the "Notice of Intimation"

8)  List of Documents Deposited - Photocopy

9)  Franking details letter from the Bank - Original

Format Of Notice Of Intimation

Notice of Intimation regarding Mortgage by way of deposit of Title Deed

I/We, the undersigned parties, is are by this notice of intimation, giving notice to the public at large that, the mortgagor herein had deposited the title deeds of the property for the security of the loan given/agreed to be given by the mortgagee herein.

(1) Party Details-

(a)  Mortgagor:


TAN (For Organizations)/ PAN( For Individuals) :

Phone/ Mobile No :


(a)    Mortgagee:

(b)   Address:

(c)    PAN:

(d)    Phone/ Mobile No:    

(e)   Email-Id: 

(2) Property Location( s) :                 

(a)    Dist:                       

(b)   Tal :  

(c)   Village :

(3) Property details (with Attribute No. Area Unit):

(4) List of Documents deposited with Banks:

(5) Loan Amount: 

 (6) Rate of Interest:

(7) Date of Mortgage:

 (8) Date of Notice:

Name of Mortgagor

Party  photo*

Thumb Impression*







* (In case of Company/Institute etc. the photo, T.I. and signature of the authorized signatory with name)

The information is verified and found correct

(sign. and seal of the authorized person of Mortgagee) 

Payment Details

Stamp Duty of Rs.…………………has been paid vide ……………Date :

If Stamp Duty is paid on another instrument, details of the instrument and Stamp Duty :

Filing Charge of Rs 1000…………has been paid vide …………Date :

Document handling Charge of Rs  300……… has been paid vide ………Date :

(For Office use only)

Name of sub Registrar

Office Submission No

Date of submission   




Filed On serial Number…………….on………………day of ………………..20…. 



                                                                                               Signature and seal of Sub-Registrar 


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